• Wrote spiritual self-help articles – published nationally and internationally.
  • Contributed a chapter in “Mothering” a book by Elaine Cannon
  • Wrote spiritual growth lessons for the women and youth of a worldwide church of 13,000,000 members.
  • Featured in Forbes Magazine (Sept. 19, 2005, The Avengers), for my role in bringing perpetrators of an international Ponzi scheme to justice.  (I would have preferred Forbes refer to me as a Protector, rather than an Avenger)
  • Author of a Personal Empowerment trilogy in progress:  Book one; Rising from Ashes; Discover your hidden powers through adversity. Publication date: Available on website end of August 2011. Will be in the bookstores the end of October 2011.


  • Trained as a Covey business trainer to teach his seminars.
  • Co-created and presented communication seminars with a university professor serving businesses such as McDonald’s, State Employees, private groups and many more.
  • Organized and facilitated Spiritual 12 Step Programs for children of alcoholics with tremendous success.  A well-known and highly respected psychologist attended them – he then sent his patients to me.
  • Co-created and facilitated programs in three court systems to rehabilitate those with drug, alcohol and abuse problems.  The success of the programs caused judges to divert a high percentage of their cases to us from other traditional long-standing programs.


  • Conceived and developed an international 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.
  • National projects under the organization include:  Pulling governmental organizations, business, religious, non-profit and scientists together to develop and implement solutions to community problems that threatened the well being of families such as gangs, crime, etc.
  • International projects under the organization include: Raised money to buy computers for a people to people alliance between a university in Russia and a university in the USA. I also put together a project to help the Huichol Indians in the Sierra Madres in Las Guayabas, Mexico.  This required networking with several international humanitarian groups to develop a safe water system for this remote village, which was experiencing an infant mortality rate of 33% due to contaminated water.
  • Co-developed a for-profit business, which was featured in the postal service magazine as the small business of the year, next to Nordstrom’s as the large business of the year.
  • Consultation Services, A Sole Proprietorship, is my current business, which I keep small to leave time for my own writing.
  • Member of Who’s Who in International Business.


  • Created, organized and implemented one of the first “Neighborhood Watch” programs in the USA and subsequently developed child safety programs which received national notoriety.
  • Gained the trust, cooperation and backing of the Utah State Legislators in obtaining twice the targeted funding for a program to help rehabilitate parolees and stabilize their families.  Co-directing this program, we reduced recidivism from 85% to 21%.
  • Official Citation from Utah Governor Leavitt, Pres. of the Senate and Speaker of the House applauding IAF for mobilizing the grass roots population in addressing the issue of gang violence and other problems facing the community.
  • Director of Idaho Legislative Coalition to Repeal NAFTA:  Studied the issue, defended the memorial in committee to get it to the floor for a vote.  Efforts were successful! Idaho became the first state in the Nation to send a memorial to President Bush, the Senate and the House to support a bill before congress to either fix, or repeal NAFTA
  • Wrote other legislative memorials for the Idaho legislature.
  • Member of my College Alumni Board  . . . one of two members without a PhD.
  • Formerly on the State of Utah Private Probation Board – and was one of the first Private Probation Providers in the State of Utah.
  • Supported cancer drives, as a regional director then later became a cancer survivor.
  • PTA Boards – having raised 8 children the number would be . . . several.


  • A speech began my writing career.  After addressing a religious group of over 3,000 people I received such overwhelming response, I published the talk nationally.  The national publisher then published it internationally. Ten years later the publisher received a request to have it republished.
  • Promotional work and networking was required in both my—for profit and non-profit business.  Also working with legislatures in both Utah and Idaho I had to promote my ideas to gain the support we sought.
  • Television and Radio appearances evolved around interviews requested of me after the murders of my mother and sister. Interviews also included the work I was doing with International Association for Families (IAF).  We also received national and international newspaper exposure for work done with the Huichol Indians.
  • Recently I was featured on PBS MoneyTrack for my work on the Cope Ponzi scheme, as well as in Forbes Magazine.
  • Aug. 2, 2010 I scheduled to be on with Bonnie Graham.
  • Aug. Talk 820- CHAM AM in Ontario Canada with Becky Coles.
  • Aug. 12, 2010 WEEU – AM Straight Talk with Nick Lawrence.


  • 200 Hours of College Credit
  • B.A. degree in Writing and Literature from Vermont College, with a minor in Psychology.  This degree required a 40 page thesis, and an oral report; my thesis was 150 pages, master degree length.
  • Certified as a Communication Counselor (Two years training).
  • Certified as a Covey “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” trainer.
  • Trained with and staffed several personal empowerment training programs.
  • Certified water safety instructor – just threw that in for fun and variety.