Keynote Speaking


Claudia Nelson wants to share the secrets of empowerment with your group or organization!


Claudia shares her story and her personal empowerment secrets with victims of:

  • -Financial Loss
  • -Bankruptcy
  • -Job Loss
  • -Fraud
  • -Abuse
  • -Addiction
  • -Tragedy & Death
  • -Adversity & Turmoil


"Claudia, Wow! The strength of your message is your personal experience of overcoming adversity and focusing on a new beginning. Your ability to connect with the audience, challenge and encourage each participant was refreshing and empowering." - Vincent Kituku, Ph.D., Author, Inspirational/ Educational Speaker and Trainer


Claudia’s message comes from her own experiences of becoming victorious despite personal tragedy and helping to bring a notorious con man to justice. The transformational principles she teaches are ideal for:

  • -Bankruptcy lawyers who wish to help clients psychologically recover from their loss.
  • -Victim support groups and advocacy organizations
  • -Addiction counseling and support groups
  • -Religious Groups (traditional and non-traditional)
  • -Wives and families of murder victims
  • -Victims of other tragic loss (home, loved one, etc.)
  • -Doctors groups interested in helping patients adjust to tragic losses


What I have been learning in Claudia’s trainings is more valuable and important than any other knowledge I have obtained. I use this training every day in some way.” - Jan Blosh, Student


      Claudia would like to share with your audience:

  •      -How to discover the blessing on the other side of their loss
  •      -Who con men attack and if they are one of those PANN people who are vulnerable
  •      -The dumb behaviors that leave smart people at risk of tragedy
  •      -How to fraud proof yourself in a fool proof way
  •      -How to use any kind of adversity to discover and reclaim their personal power
  •      -How to discover, and dig out the root of any problem rather than snipping away at its leaves
  •      -How your two thought systems work to imprison or free you


Let Claudia show you how to build powerful relationships - starting with an empowered relationship with yourself.  You’ll learn:

  • -Powerful secrets about successful relationships from the ancient Essenes
  • -What a relationship is and what it is not
  • -Why most relationships fail and what to do about it
  • -How to stay in love for a lifetime
  • -How to catch the man (or woman) of your dreams & keep them


Claudia’s relationship building principles are ideal for:

  • -Mothering Groups
  • -Singles Groups
  • -Parenting Groups
  • -Women in Transition
  • -Divorcees in Transition
  • -College Students
  • -Military wives and families


To have Claudia deliver her powerFULL message with your group, contact her at: or (208) 375-7554

Claudia not only has an academic understanding of the topics she addresses; she has lived through them.  She understands the problem from the victim’s point of view. Claudia has recovered from all of the above adversities on her own and shares her recovery secrets in her speaking and training.


Follow this link to learn Claudia’s story.


Claudia Nelson is the author of two books on the subject of becoming a victor, rather a victim, in the face of any adversity:

Murder, Death and Rebirth: Astonishing Life Lessons Learned from Murder

Rising from Ashes: Discover your Hidden Power Through Adversity (an Amazon best seller with all 5 star reviews)