4 Steps To Correct our “Not Enough” Addiction

The ego plants the assumption that “I never get what I really want, or enough of what I really want. So it seems that our minds evolve around not having enough...keeping us stuck in wrong-mindedness.

Step One of right-mindedness, or loving fully is to choose to love where you are, who you are and what you are. It is the opposite of the ego’s default focus on what you are not getting, or not getting enough of.

Step Two. Expand your beautiful moment into loving the work you will do today, no mater what it is, Love where you live, love your neighbors without insisting that they change.

Step Three. Love what doesn’t seem so wonderful, knowing what seems to be trauma is truly a blessing, knowing that all things work to the good of those who love. Find the ability to love within any challenge, even love those who are challenging. In the morning upon awakening say the following words, even if you don’t mean them—yet .

I am letting go today, forgiving, for I realize the pain held shall become the suffering that keeps me from my greatest good.

Step Four. Be loving to all in your life without any expectation of how they will respond. Allow people, and yourself, to be who they are, and how they are. Allow them to learn their own lessons without judgment and stand witness to the light within them.

These steps will stop ego in its tracks when it tries to suck you into the " “I never get what I really want, or enough of what I really want type thinking."


From "Rising From Ashes; Discover your hidden power through adversity"