Are You The Next Victim of A Con Man?

While I enjoy being the bearer of positive information that empowers, today I am going to be the bearer of news that could keep you from becoming disempowered…that is to warn you of a scam that could keep you from getting separated from your money. It is called timeshare fraud.

Here’s an example of timeshare fraud:  You will get a call from a company which calls themselves LTH Consultants in Lake Tahoe, Nevada who tell you they have a buyer for your condo, offering more than you paid for it. They tell you that Curtis Jackson at Foster Titles in Salt Lake City, Utah will close the deal. Then they tell you the Mexican government is putting a 10% sales tax on the condo which must be paid before you close the deal…then they tell you that the Mexican Government raised it to 25% before your deal closed which means you must pay another 15% before you can close the deal. In the majority of the cases the title company doesn’t exist…con artists know where to get a phone number and legitimate address in a city and state they may never have been. So beware of timeshare fraud and be aware of the kind of people con artists target…quite different from what you would think. The Better Business Bureau profiles them as follows: The Vulnerable are: 


 • Self reliant when it comes to making decisions
• Optimistic
• Above-average financial knowledge
• College educated
• Have experienced a recent health, financial or social setback making them vulnerable to being conned.
• Open to listening to new ideas or sales pitches.


For additional information to determine if you are vulnerable to being conned go to my website, and click the radio button on the home page. When it asks you for a code to get the special report “Are You The Next Victim of A Con Man”, put in the code: radio

Protect your friends and loved ones and share this info. with all your facebook and twitter fans. Education is the best defense against an ever increasing problem with con men who are becoming more sophisticated and ever more prevalent.

If you are aware of anything like this contact your Better Business Bureau, Department of Commerce Real Estate Division and your State Attorney General