The Connecticut Slayings, A New Perspective

Here we are. 12-21-12 happened and we are still here, all that is but those who lost their lives in New Day, Connecticut @ the school massacre. While the world mourns the tragedy, I have a different perspective. 20 years ago I would have come unglued over such a tragedy. However, since my own mother and sister were murdered, my brother-in-law shot twice in the head, set on fire and left for dead and my nieces, who watched it all, kidnapped to be sold for Satanic worship,* my perspective has changed.

To survive the tragedy I had to go deep inside to find the answers to why it happened and how would we all survive it and remain sane. That is when I began to see tragedy differently. We all came with a preprogrammed life, programmed to learn the lessons we came to learn. One great lesson I learned was WE ARE NOT OUR BODY; the body is just a suit of clothes we wear while having our growth experiences on planet earth, and that the real us . . . never dies. The real us programs our experiences for our growth . . . or for the growth of someone else. Even the tragic experiences.

From that perspective let’s revisit Connecticut. What if these children who were murdered only planned on staying here for a few years and their purpose was to provide an experience for their loved ones to help them grow past their limited ego thought system, knowing if they died tragically, it would force their loved ones to look into life and see things differently, as it did me. I had to find a new more powerful part of myself unencumbered with pain and a limited, fearful thought system. To survive the tragedy, I had to dig deep and move to a new way of thinking; It forced me to take a giant leap forward spiritually to survive it all sanely. As a result, I have shared what I learned, through my writing, which has also helped many others. (See For that I am eternally grateful.

The children who are gone are fine, now being watched over by heavenly beings. My prayer is for those who remain and are experiencing the pain. May they walk through it and come out the other side healthier and happier, less judgmental, more loving and at peace with what is. May this renewed energy add to this quantum field of morphic healing energy that others may more easily tap into it, and heal more quickly through their adversities.

As the owner of the “Marigold Hotel” continually said, “All is good in the end. If it is not good, it is not yet the end”. Those who just made their transition from New Day Connecticut to heaven, now know this, I am sure.

* See Murder, Death and Rebirth: Astonishing Life Lessons learned from Murder by Claudia T. Nelson and Rising from Ashes; Discover Your Hidden Power Through Adversity by Claudia T. Nelson.