Finding Serenity Through ACIM.

Years ago I made a friend, Bonnie Burrows, at a writers conference who had experienced two Near Death Experiences. She began to write about them. Trying to translate what she learned into three dimensional language proved to be a huge challenge.. After writing thousands of pages, she still didn’t feel like she had done her experiences justice. After several years she did write a short book with a few beautiful principles she learned on the "other side". She entitled her book... "Death, A Journey to Life".

I had been studying A Course in Miracles and asked her how it staked up from a heavenly point of view. She said, “A Course in Miracles is the closest thing on the planet that teachs what I learned ‘on the other side’”.

Its teachings help reverse our ego thought system that is full of illusions that keep us  limited and afraid...afraid of not having enough or not being enough and much more. A Course in Miracles can only be understood if one is open and void of judgment for it will challenge your thinking in a huge way causing the ego to have a temper tantrum, so it takes courage to read it.

The course teaches us that the information in the course is not optional,…Only the time we take it is optional, for the information in it, when properly understood and used, will reempower us, give us serenity and peace and take us back to our original home. If you find the information threatening, it is not your time to take the course.

Check out the following link to listen to some readings explaining ACIM principles on unconditional love, forgiveness and serenity. accompanied by lovely music. If you connect with the message, you can order the CD’s. This is some of the same information learned on the "other side" by my friend who had a NDE.


Peace and Blessings.