Four Steps To Overcoming Adversity

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Step 1. Choose. Will you remain a victim of your circumstance or will you become victorious over it. While working to rehabilitate the young people in the courts who had broken laws I was amazed to discover they didn’t realize they had a choice of how to do life…they only knew reaction patterns.

Step 2. Grieve but don’t blame. If we have lost a loved one or lost all our money or anything else of value we need to allow ourselves to grieve the loss. If we don’t grieve it will come back to deal with us in ways we don’t even recognize. But it is important not to get stuck in the grief. And, don't blame. Blaming only saps us of the energy we need to move forward.

Step 3. Focus on the Solution, not the Problem. What we focus on... we get more of.

Step 4. Work your solution until it manifests…keep practicing the solution. Horowitz didn’t become a master pianist by practicing only once a week, neither do we overcome our adversity by practicing healthy thinking and behaviors only once a week.We practice every day until we become masters of our lives.

From: Rising From Ashes; Discover Your Hidden Power Through Adversity