How To Overcome Ego


As a personal empowerment specialist, I am continually working to reduce complex concepts to their lowest common denominator, to make them useable. Ego is one of those complex concepts which I believe I have finally reduced, to the best of my knowledge, to this sacred place of simplicity. Perhaps I will discover how to reduce it further, later, at least now . . . the concept is useable.

You fear ego because you don’t understand it. In understanding ego, you have the keys to undo it,

What is the ego? It is your fear thought system. While it has performed a valuable service in your life; understanding how it has served you, is a matter for another time. Now is the time to neutralize it.

Further understanding of ego helps you neutralize it. You have made your ego. So HOW do you neutralize it?
You created it by accepting, as true, anything that makes you fearful . . . of not being enough or having enough. Indeed you have had help in creating ego from teachers, preachers, parents, the media, etc. But . . . now you are grown up, it is up to us to reexamine your programs; those fear tapes that run your life, and erase them. That is how you uncreate" ego. Discover and Erase! Simple! The concept is simple, but its implementation is the challenge of a lifetime and is accomplished only with practice.

Horowitz became a world-class piano player with . . . practice!
You become a world class “ego overcomer”. . . with practice.
Practice identifying your fearful beliefs,
Practice erasing fears.
Practice replacing fears with loving thoughts and beliefs.

The more you practice, the faster you will overcome your ego, the fears that hold you back from being everything you are capable of becoming . . . or more accurately, from discovering everything that you already are.