This Idea Can Change Your Life

Consider this…every person and event that comes into your life is perfect for you (in the long run). We cast them carefully in this movie we call our life before we came here. We not only create the movie, we cast the actors in the movie placing each one in their proper roles for the purpose of our healing. Those who stress us the most are those who volunteered to take on the most difficult roles because they loved us so much they were willing to take on our judgments and anger for brining our repressed painful issues to the surface (sometimes unconsciously) because they knew it would help us when they accepted this role before you all came here.

Wow there’s a radical thought! Just consider the possibility. Think how your life would be different if it were true. What if you lived as if it were “true” Would you feel the same need to be the victim, the judge and jury or would you live your life in gratitude?

What if those actors you create in your life are the key to unlocking original, painful beliefs that have been running your life, keeping you afraid, limited and feeling “less than”, but have been hidden from you.

Since nothing has any meaning but that which you give it; consider living your movie as if the above were true… and watch your life change for the better.

From: Murder, Death and Rebirth: Astonishing Life Lessons Learned from Murder
By Claudia T. Nelson