Monday Morning Tip. How to See Things Differently & Create a Better World. WEEK NINE

Becaome a Butterly by changing your thinking.

Most of us are resistant to change, especially to changing our minds. So what will entice us to discard some of our old worn out thinking, our caterpillar thinking tapes, that we borrowed from well meaning but uninformed parents, teachers, preachers, friends, etc. . . . tapes that we borrowed, never returned and keep listening to even though they no longer serve us? Many of us are living caterpillar lives because of those tapes when it is time to transform into a butterfly. How do we do it?

The answer is simple but not easy. I will answer it with a question. If you have the leisure and luxury life style to bask on your designer sofa popping grapes and reading the slicks with your BMW sitting in your four car garage, would you have any incentive to change anything? Of course not, why should we change anything if things are going well and in our favor? The time when we are most willing to change is when this old world of stuff and things, in which we have placed our security, breaks down. It is when we loose a job, a loved one, or something else precious to us that we are willing to change because our old ways of thinking and being are no longer big enough to sustain us through the trauma.

While the breakdown seems traumatic, it is actually a blessing, a sign that it is time for you to start your journey of transformation to a higher way of thinking and being, a journey from your 1% world to your 99% world (which is explained in Rising from Ashes: Discover Your Hidden Power Through Adversity). I know the purpose of adversity is to prepare us for bigger blessings; I know from my own experience.

After my mother and sister were murdered, my marriage and family fell apart as did everything else important. I wanted the world to stop and let me off, and I just screamed, “Beam me up Scottie”. Of course none of that happened because there was a bigger plan in place. I had to let the old ego me die in order to find the real more healthy powerful me. Thus I am grateful for all the trauma . . .now. Many of my friends have had the same experience. Without the adversity I could never have written the books I believe I signed up to bring to this planet. Everyone I know who has made a significant contribution to people’s lives has been through some kind of black hole adversity and come out the other end refined, purified, and changed, seeing things very differently.

This is what is up on our planet now . . . transformation; and it can’t happen until the old ways of thinking and being break down, which changes our thinking.. This is exactly what is happening. Our financial system is breaking down, our political system, our moral system, our belief systems, etc. The good news is, that is exactly what we need to happen to make the transformational changes that will move us into our 99% world where we find our peace power and prosperity and a better world. We must examine every tape and belief system we have to see which ones are serving us and which are not . . . then discard those that no longer serve us.