Is Our Economy Settling, Sinking or Collapsing?

Academics are asking this question with grave concern. Keith Helmuth addresses this, questioning how we cope with this subsidence (settling, sinking or collapsing) of our economy. To see his solution, check out this link: Then read further for my solution.

While we hope our economy is only settling, it could be a collapsing. This is both bad and good news. Like surgery it hurts while you are going through it, but you feel much better than before once you have healed. The bad part is the pain of surgery, the good part is how much better you feel when you have healed. But what is it that needs to be “cut out” to make us more healthy?

Out Capitalistic society has become out of balance. While producing and consuming more has grown our economy, “more” has now become an addiction. Our sense of self-worth has become dependent on our net worth and things have become more important than people. Like any reformed addict will tell you, you have to hit bottom before you will change.

Since change is difficult for most of us, why would we do it if they don’t have to? An economic collapse would be hitting bottom. When we are in enough pain we will succumb to the surgery of “cutting out” our distorted perceptions and our addiction to more. That’s the psychological and spiritual surgery a collapsed economy necessitates. The healing is complete when we become free of our “more” addiction, when our self worth is no longer dependent on our net worth, when people become more important than things and when we begin to experience the peace and happiness our changed perspective brings.

This is what the settling, or collapsing of our economy can bring about if we stay positive and look for, and at, the benefits that follow the psychological and spiritual surgery.

Looking for, and at, the benefits of this economic subsidence …is how we can best cope with it.