What Does General Petraeus’s Affair tell us about Why Men Have Affairs.

My good friend, Dr. Janet Smith Warfield, has written two thought provoking blogs on extramarital affairs, stimulated by the Petreaus affair. See links below:

Janet’s blogs on General Petraeus:



My response in answer to her blogs.

In response to your questions, “If the male and female biological differences are real and the needs very different, how do we consciously reconcile them? Or don’t we?, I am sharing my own insight which comes from experience, study and interviewing a man who is not the kind of man to whom you refer. In your blogs you are talking about the “natural man”, the man still run by animal instincts, the man who has not yet tapped into his true spiritual nature and discovered whom he really is. These men are living smack dab in the middle of the 1% ego world of fear of not having enough or being enough. The solution is to show them how to move to a better world and discover whom they truly are, which will eliminate this need for sexual conquest. For when one has lost their own internal power, they must grab it from someone else. We can solve this problem by showing men how to move from this ego through system of fear of not having or being enough to the thought system where they connect to their 99% thought system where they discover their lost internal power and can create whatever they desire. This is the whole purpose of my book, Rising from Ashes: Discover Your Hidden Power Through Adversity . . . to show people how to tap into their own internal spiritual powers which eliminates damaging behaviors such as “affairs”. I know this works, as evidenced by a wonderful man, a married friend, who has had numerous opportunities . . . to stray, and has not “strayed” because he had already tapped into his true spiritual powers.

Information on my amazing friend, Janet and her amazing book Shift

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