When a Conservative Christian and an “out of the box” spiritual eclectic” meet . . . and speak!

Blogpost 3-26-12

I'm back after a long absence. It's along story of travel and Internet problems, but I think you will find this blog very interesting and informative.

My tummy quivered after being invited to be a guest on the Voice of Spirit radio show, particularly after discovering they were conservative Christians. I'd had so much flack from traditional Christians who were highly critical because I no longer thought exactly as they thought, although I had . . . once. In fact I was so nervous about the show, I called Patrick Sims, who was to interview me, and told her that I wasn’t sure I was one she wanted on her show because I was an out of the box thinker on the subject of Christ. Why was I so nervous . . . really? You guessed it. I had been busy and neglected my daily spiritual work and my fear based ego thought system sucked me back in. (Wouldn't it be wonderful if we always did what we know is best for us? ;-)) Now, back to Patrick . . .

She graciously responded, “As long as you believe in Jesus, I want you on the show.”

“I do believe in Jesus, I replied, but not exactly as you do,” I continued.

“That’s okay,” she responded, I’m sure your perspective will help some of our listeners.”

I was highly impressed with her response, but still nervous about the show because of past experiences. So you are probably wondering, what is my perspective on Christ?

Here’s my belief about Christianity and religion in general, followed by my specific perspective on Christ:

Because we are all different, different ways of worshipping appeal to each of us. Early in life one way of worshipping may appeal to us because that is how we were taught and perhaps our only exposre to religion; as our circumstances and experiences evolve, our perspectives change. Then we often need a different and/ or bigger understanding of Christ and Christianity than was afforded us by our previous religious or spiritual perspective.

Having spent a half century as a traditional Christian, I have a great appreciation for Jesus the Christ. And, my experience with him, as well as my understanding and appreciation of him, have evolved and grown as I have matured intellectually and spiritually. It happens with maturity.

I no longer see Christ as someone I have to be like, I see him as someone I am like . . . that is . . . what the real me is like. Of course, I had to first discover the real me before I understood that. It was not possible to discover the real me until I peeled away much of the ego fear based stuff that is not the real me. (Listen to the Voice of Spirit broadcast with the link below where I reveal for the first time, the onion vision in which I learned about who we really are.)


Or, wait until May 4 when I will reveal it again on The Unseen World With Alexandra Clair Clairhttp://www.blogtalkradio.com/christianfreedom2/2013/01/20/the-unseen-world

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Better yet, listen to both shows.

Now my position on Christ: Most people do not understand that Jesus was his name. Christ is a title . . . a title given to one who has discovered his spiritual nature and self-actuated. That is the journey of life each of us undertake, the journey of finding our own spiritual self, our Christ nature so we can do all the things he did and even greater things (See John 14:12 ) Jesus is our mentor, our example and our literal brother being of the same God DNA as each of us. WE ARE NOT ALL JESUS, BUT WE ALL HAVE A CHRIST WITHIN JUST WAITING TO BE DISCOVERED. Wait. Don’t tune me out yet. Read on!

We develop a greater understanding of Jesus the Christ as we develop spiritually. The spirit relates to us and gives us understanding according to how we are . . . not according to how Jesus, or spirit is, so we won’t all experience Jesus the same way or have the same spiritual experiences because we are all at different levels of maturity. One way is not better than another. The best way for  you is the way . . .  you can best relate to him.

That is my latest, most mature, position on Jesus and religion in general. I have shocked some of my friends by telling them we all have a Christ within, even when I quote John 14:12  to them and explain that Christ is a title given to one who has discovered his spiritual nature. Maybe next time I will rephrase my explanation of Christ and say, “We don’t all have a Jesus the Christ within, but we all have a (add your name) the Christ within . . . just waiting to be discovered.” Back to Patrick again.

My philosophies on Patrick’s, Voice of Spirit show were graciously accepted much to my satisfaction. True religion from the spirit will never separate people but should bring us together in unity as Jesus indicated when speaking to his disciples. When speaking to his disciples, Jesus said that he would that they (his disciples) would be one as He and the Father were one. Oneness is God’s way, not separation. It is only when the ego mind gets involved in interpreting religion that it separates. My religion is right and yours is wrong creates separation. That is always ego speaking, not the spirit. I felt that Patrick Sims and I came to a unity of faith in Christ although each experienced Him a little differently. That was okay with both of us and I came to really Love that remarkable woman in the short time we spent together. Listen to the show on the following link. The entire progdram will take about an hour.


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