When Enough is Never Enough

Not all idols are the same, but they all have one thing in common…more [there] must be more. It does not really matter more of what; more beauty, more intelligence, more wealth…But more of something.

- A Course in Miracles

Working with the Huichol Indians in the Sierra Madras mountains of Mexico I came to grips with how subtly my thoughts had been sucked into this “not enough” culture. My work with this Indian tribe became a life changing experience—one that taught me to look at money and life differently. It highlighted my previously darkened vision that prevented me from seeing that our society idolized more; we’ve created the worship the God “Wantmore”, which made me ask myself, “What message are we giving ourselves when we think we must always have more, more of something?”

The answer came quickly:

It means we don’t feel good enough if we don’t have enough, because…we have come to equate our self-worth with our net worth and…more becomes our idol.

Psychologist Dr. Lee Jampolsky calls this kind of thinking “wrong-mindedness” and reminds us that if you look at this closely, you will see the origin of all negative thinking begins there. *

So what can we do about it? See the solution in tomorrow’s blog post. And the next day I will share my experience with the Huichol Indians that changed my life.

* From Rising from Ashes; Discover Your Hidden Power Through Adversity