Will Women Save the World?

Women Bonding

Several years ago I was a presenter at NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) convention in Atlanta. A limo had picked up a group of us and taken us to the Hotel. When we got out, an Iranian gentlemen who was handling our luggage, felt the energy of this group of high powered women who had bonded and were busily and confidently conversing, and said,

“Are women taking over the world? ”


I would have laughed had it not been for the fear in his eyes (understandable… knowing how they’d treated their women)


Then I recalled a private conversation I’d had with Wally Minto, a spiritual leader of the 70’s and 80’s who said, “Men have created the tools with which women will change the world”.


I pondered this for a time and wondered why he’d say that. While attending a BraveHeart Women seminar the answer came. There I learned more about the female hormone Oxytocin. It is a bonding hormone that is particularly prevelant when a mother nurses her baby. Still it is much more present in women than in men even when women are not nursing. It is the bonding hormone and you can activate it, if you know how, even when you are not nursing.


So what does all this have to do with women saving the world?


First another question. Men have been in charge for centuries. Have they created a kinder more loving world?

No! Look at the world we have!


Why have they not created a kinder more loving world? It is precisely because they have tried to create it with their heads using logic, instead of their hearts, using love. Women can bond in love, in part because of this hormone Oxytocin. Relating in love, not logic will change the world to a kinder gentler place. Logic never has. As men become more heart oriented their part in the creation of a new world will be more powerful than ever before. This I believe is what Wally Minto knew, when he said women would change the world, for they would change it with love, not logic. And so, my Iranian luggage handling friend has no need to fear anything…accept his own guilt.