How a seventeenth century Samurai Warrior Thinks!

The Samurai Warrior’s four point key to successful living is simple to explain but . . . takes courage to implement. The four keys are: 


No Fear
No Surprise
No Hesitation
No Doubt.                   Wow!!


No Fear:  When we understand fear and our fear thought system it gives us the knowledge we need to overcome our fears. ( To understand the fear thought system check out my website for my writings and publications) There is really nothing to fear. But . . . when we are controlled by ego, and we all are controlled by fear to some degree. However, we aren’t always aware of it. Overcoming our fears gives us a deep sense of self-confidence we can’t achieve in any other way. So how do we overcome fears?  We step right into them. If we are afraid to speak to strangers, make yourself go up and speak to a stranger. If you afraid to tell someone the truth, tell them anyway. It is that simple, but as you will find out, not that easy. Access your internal spiritual warrior for help.

No Surprise:  Life seems to be full or surprises doesn’t it? But if you look carefully and are fully present to the present, you will see that the clues to what is now a surprise . . . were always there. You just missed them.  When you live in the now, you will pick up the clues, and there won’t be any surprises; but, we are half asleep most of the time. Why that is . . . is a matter for another blog. But, we do go through life half asleep. If you wake up and become aware of things around you, nothing can sneak up on you. You will be prepared and equipped to handle it.

No Hesitation: Fear breeds hesitation. So walk into the fear.  Look at the situation objectively, evaluate it, consider your options and make a choice, a decision, then do it. If you hesitate you may have lost a great opportunity. If you are in a situation where there is an inevitable outcome, dive into it and enjoy the ride. Waiting only increases the tension and fear. If there is nothing you can do after the dive, live with it, move on and don’t fret.

No Doubt:  Fear breeds doubt. Walk into the fear. Make a decision.  Once you have made a decision move ahead and don’t keep rethinking it. Go for it with confidence that your decision will take you to your destination, or that it is a step to getting there.  Move forward with confidence knowing that the next step or a better option will show up later, if there is one.  If you have made your decision in a loving state of mind, have no doubt that your decision is the right one and that you will be successful when the time is right. If you have made your decision from a place of fear, you have every reason to not trust it.