Law of Attraction.2nd Reason It Doesn’t Always Work

I spend much time writing and talking talk about our two thought systems, Our 1% Thought System and our 99% Thought system. Our 1% Thought System is run by our ego self while our 99% Thought System is run by our Higher Self. If they are not in sync, the Law of Attraction can’t work. Here’s why. Say your ego self wants more money but your Higher Self knows it will divert you from what is really more important to you (your spiritual growth) which is more important . . . period.

Focusing on, and Creating, What We Do Want. WEEK EIGHT

It takes a lot or courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. . . for in movement there is life and in change there is power. – Alan Cohen

The Law of Attraction, Does It Work?

The Law of Attraction, Does It Work?

Have you read Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Secret?  If so have you tried using the Law of Attraction to attract the things you desire by thinking positively about, and focusing on, what you desire? Did it work? Probably not. If not, there is a reason. The reason is this: The Law of Attraction is most often in direct conflict with another law which nullity’s it’s results. Here’s how it happens:

The Law of Attraction states:  Whatever you are thinking about, you are drawing to you.

Blog days changing

My site is now back up. My new blogging days are Monday and Friday. Thanks for your interest and support. My next blog on Friday will be exploring the problems with the law or attraction and why it doesn't work for most people.

Monday Morning Tip. About Fear. WEEK SEVEN

In light of the disaster rumors around December 2012 we need to speak about fear. No matter what happens don’t consider it a disaster. What ever happens will simply be the old breaking down to make room for the new and the better . . . so don’t go into fear. While there are many reasons for this, one problems with fear thinking is: In fear we do not make good decisions, we make decisions that will negatively affect our future

Methylation: Aging Factor#4 We Can Do Something About

What is methylation? It is an aging process that interferes with the proper function of the DNA in our body. Think of your DNA as a blueprint factory that puts out little blueprints for how each cell should properly function. The blueprint determines such factors as how the cells properly absorb and integrate vitamins, enzymes, and many other chemical compounds in the body.

The Price of Appearance

A beautiful friend of mine, once Miss Utah and the winner of the National Miss American contest with her magnificent operatic voice, never felt like she was good enough. She surprised me by having a breast implant when she already had beautiful medium sized breasts. Luckily she had the implants removed immediately when she began having problems that could have damaged her health. 

How To See Things Differently: WEEK SIX

Through onesidedness, (seeing things from only on perspective) the psyche disintegrates and looses its capacity for cognition.

-       Carl Jung

Remember the story of the three blind men of Hindustan? Did you get the deeper meaning?

Fear Brings . . .Peace Brings . . .

Blogpost.11.9.12.Fear Brings . . .Peace Brings . . .

Fear brings illusions.

Fear brings illusions.

Illusions bring doubts.

Doubts bring confusion

And confusion brings fear.

Thus the cycle or darkness regenerates itself.


Peace beings Stillness

Stillness brings Knowing.

Knowing brings Truth

Truth brings Freedom.

Freedom brings Joy.

Joy brings Love.

Love brings Peace.

And so it is as we grow in Light.

The Measure of A Man’s Character

The measure of a man’s character is not what he gets from his ancestors, but what he leaves to his descendants.

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