The Silk Worm: A Metaphor for Transformation

Most of us have seen a caterpillar slowly inching its way along a tree branch concerned about only one thing—survival The caterpillar’s great goal in life is to find its next leafy meal.

Contrast that with the butterfly it is destined to become. The butterfly will be free to fly high and see wide to experience a magnificent view of the world not available to the caterpillar, to experience the feel of a flower under its feet, to taste the sweetness the nectar provides, to fly from flower to flower, bush to bush, and beyond.

Which would you rather be?

Hold Onto Ariadne's Thread

In Greek Mythology the King of Crete sent Theseus through the labyrinth to kill or be killed by the Minotaur. The King's daughter, Ariadine, fell in love with Theseus and to ensure his safety, gave him a thread which he let unwind on his way into the labyrinth. After he slew the Minotaur, he traced the thread out of the layrinth to safety.

Worms Hum?

This may be considered one of my strangest blog posts. Would you believe it if I told you I heard my worms hum. I never thought I would be a worm farmer. I’m a small insignificant little worm farmer, with a 12 x 12 inch three story farm box, but nevertheless a worm farmer. Here’s how it happened. I’ve always wanted to make my own compost but it seemed too messy and too smelly until I heard about these little red angler worm farms. You simply get a pound of worms put them in a worm farm box with some coconut shell shredding and start feeding them.

Tragic Deaths Cause an Alteration in Religious Beliefs

During the Civil War we lost 2% of the American population (about 620,000) says a prize winning historian on NPR today. How did the living respond? By expanding their religious beliefs to great enough proportions they could survive the pain caused by the deaths of their loved ones. This is where the belief emerged that after we die we will see our loved ones again. Another belief that emerged was that our loved ones were still around us after they died, we would say in another dimension. All of which I believe were higher truths than existed before they had to dig deep to find relief.

Attached To a Chicken

Didn’t know one could get so attached to a chicken. For the first time in my life, I decided to raise chickens…mostly because I have a friend who has raised chickens before, could keep them on his property and make certain they are cared for properly. I had them in my laundry room the first two weeks and had one as a pet. I sat her on my shoulder from the time she was 3 days old and she loved to cuddle under my chin. I got very attached to that little girl and she to me.

Tennessee Football Coach Fired for Making Obama Song

What do you think. Is this right? Watch the video and decide.

A New View Of Relationships

Relationships are a mystery to most of us which makes it difficult to make them work. While reading the Essene mysteries of relationships I came to understand them better and now look at them differently. Rather than write an entire blog about my views I am sharing a blog by Matt Licata which outlines some of my thinking. This view is a new and much more realistic view of relationships. Here we begin to see that they are not all fun and games, they are designed to help us grow. See Matt's perspective:

When Good Men Do Something...

“All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men [and women] to do nothing,” Edmund Burke said. How true. So when good men do something it is worth writing about.

Today I met such a man. Dan Long is spending his waking hours developing a program for teens to help those succeed who otherwise would not know how. He knows a student doesn’t need a high IQ to succeed...what he needs is creative imagination. Dan knows this for certain for his creativity made him the businessman of the year in Idaho in 2008.

Is the American Dream...Just a Dream?

In the Idaho Statesman today an article appeared on the difficulty older people are having getting jobs. Even the most talented are having difficulty. Older citizens are frustrated, feeling less than, feeling victimized and just plain scared knowing that there are just not enough jobs in America in large part due to to disastrous affects of NAFTA which sent so many of our jobs over seas. That’s the bad news.

Which Wolf Will Take Over Your Personality?

Often I ponder my life, the people and situations I've encountered . I often think of the Ponzi scheme I lost my life savings in, I think of the victims and the perpetrators. I notice how the perpetrators, pure takers, are reaping the benefits of their taking. They had a flash of prosperity, but like the bright flash that a light bulb emits just before it burns out and becomes dark; they, too had their flash which is now gone, and they live in the darkness of a prison cell with other dark souls.

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