.Monday Morning Tip: The Place you Want to be, WEEK THREE


Factors of Aging: Factor One

There are five major factors that cause aging. When you understand their impact on
every system in your body, you can slow the decline and prolong youthful vitality
enhancing your ability in your efforts to become personally empowered. No matter
how old you are, you can have more energy, a better memory, more mobility,
keener senses and a fitter body. In the next several blogs we will be discussing
the five factors of aging and what to do about them. Today we’ll discuss factor

Do Not Limit Your Life To Your Old Beliefs

Do not limit your life to your beliefs. Expand your beliefs to encompass all that life has to offer.

-       Alan Cohen

Monday Morning Tip: The Wortlds We Live In WEEK TWO

The Yin/Yang symbol represents balance between opposing forces

of the dark and light, and the necessity of both . Both are needed to transform your life from caterpillar to butterfly.

Good News for Crackpots

                                   If you can’t fix it, feature it.

             Every day an elderly Chinese woman brought two large pots to a stream to fetch water for her household. The pots hung at either end of a stick she carried on her shoulders. One pot was perfect and the other had a crack in it.

Monday Morning Tip: Understanding Our Two Thought Systems: WEEK ONE

You can’t solve the significant problems you face at the same level of thinking you were at when you created them.


Do Antibiotics Cause Obesity?

At New York University, researchers analyzed the medical records of 11,500 young children and found that those children who had received antibiotics before they were 12 months old had a 22% greater chance of becoming overweight by age 3, than those who had not taken antibiotics before 6 months of age. Farmers have long fattened up their chickens, pigs and cows by feeding them antibiotics.

How To Avoid Criticism

To Avoid Criticism:

Say Nothing.

Do Nothing.

Be Nothing.


The tips are designed to help you grow mentallly, emotionally and spiritually into a more confident, productive, happier person. The tips are designed to give you the maximum amount of benefit for the least amount of work. You can read each MM Tip in minute or less. There will be a simple assignment each week to help you retain the learning.  Here’s how to get the most out of the tips:

RISKS (Inspirational)

To laugh is -  to risk appearing the fool.

To weep is -  to risk appearing sentimental.

To reach out for another is -  to risk involvement.

To expose feelings is - to risk exposing your true self.

To place your ideas, your dreams, before the crowd is - to risk loss.

To love is to risk not being loved in return.

To live is – to risk dying.

To hope is – to risk despair.

To try is to risk failure.


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