Blogpost.8.26.12.What helps dissolve Fear?

“When You Accept* Something, It Ceases To Be Fearful.
--A Course In Miracles

We don’t always have control over our lives and the things that happen to us. Many of them we don’t like. The war veteran hates loosing his legs and could wallow in self pity and live in fear of not being okay for the rest of his life. The divorcee can remain the victim or her circumstances and remain bitter, angry and ever in fear of not having enough to meet her needs.

Is Our Economy Settling, Sinking or Collapsing?

Academics are asking this question with grave concern. Keith Helmuth addresses this, questioning how we cope with this subsidence (settling, sinking or collapsing) of our economy. To see his solution, check out this link: Then read further for my solution.

Are You The Next Victim of A Con Man?

While I enjoy being the bearer of positive information that empowers, today I am going to be the bearer of news that could keep you from becoming disempowered…that is to warn you of a scam that could keep you from getting separated from your money. It is called timeshare fraud.

The Lesson From The Thrift Store Jacket

You can’t have a perfect day without doing something for

someone who’ll never be able to repay you. –

-- John Wooden, UCLA Basketball Coach

The terror of sitting on a wooden crate in a freight plane as it rattled and groaned threatening to fall apart as it struggled to fly us into the
Sierra Madres to help the Huichol Indians, shook from me… a pathetic prayer,

“Dear God, If I have to die, make it quick and don’t let it hurt”.

4 Steps To Correct our “Not Enough” Addiction

The ego plants the assumption that “I never get what I really want, or enough of what I really want. So it seems that our minds evolve around not having enough...keeping us stuck in wrong-mindedness.

Step One of right-mindedness, or loving fully is to choose to love where you are, who you are and what you are. It is the opposite of the ego’s default focus on what you are not getting, or not getting enough of.

When Enough is Never Enough

Not all idols are the same, but they all have one thing in common…more [there] must be more. It does not really matter more of what; more beauty, more intelligence, more wealth…But more of something.

- A Course in Miracles

Four Steps To Overcoming Adversity

Step 1. Choose. Will you remain a victim of your circumstance or will you become victorious over it. While working to rehabilitate the young people in the courts who had broken laws I was amazed to discover they didn’t realize they had a choice of how to do life…they only knew reaction patterns.

Finding Serenity Through ACIM.

Years ago I made a friend, Bonnie Burrows, at a writers conference who had experienced two Near Death Experiences. She began to write about them. Trying to translate what she learned into three dimensional language proved to be a huge challenge.. After writing thousands of pages, she still didn’t feel like she had done her experiences justice. After several years she did write a short book with a few beautiful principles she learned on the "other side". She entitled her book... "Death, A Journey to Life".

The Dangers of Always Looking for the Good?

Without thinking things through carefully we might think there are no dangers in looking for the good, that it is virtuous. I understand, I made that mistake. It taught me that looking for the good can work for you or against you. It can work against you when we get out of balance and become a Polyanna. I know I did it and it cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What Programs is Your Head Running?

Have you ever stopped to examine the programs you are running to determine where they came from, if they are helpful or harmful, and whether or not you want to keep them or delete them. If not, you need to. Everyone needs to because most of the programming we are running is not working to empower us.

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