How Powerful Are Our Collective MInds?

This is my friend, Christopher's perspective on how powerful our collective minds can be.

Drought Can Be Overcome by An Application of Appreciation, Gratitude and Generosity Towards Nature.
Written By: Christopher (

Are You Araid Of Your Own Power? Yes You Are!


“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”
- Nelson Mandala

Why I Love Boise

When my husband drug me to Boise to live 12 ½ years ago there were skid marks all the way from Arizona to Idaho. Now I see it as one of the greatest gifts he left me. It is a wonderful place to live. The people here are good. They support their old people, their young people, their football team and each other. And there is always something fun to do.

What Is Programmed into Your Head?

With humor Professor Kauffman, in response to a Dr. Laura show, confronts us with how our lives are being run by antiquated tapes that no longer serve us. And with humor, points out that we have failed to edit and update our programs so they do serve us.

A Powerful Thought...What if...

What if…we treated each other in our world of influence the way an African tribe threats those that come into their sphere of influence? They believe the soul has its own vibration that expresses its own unique purpose. To help a new child become all he is capable of becoming, the friends of the pregnant mother go into the wilderness and meditate and pray until they hear the vibrational song of the child. They then teach it to the community. When the child is born the entire community sings it to the child.

The Price of Vulnerability

When I got caught in a Ponzi scheme, survived it, helped put the perpetrators in prison and wrote a book to help victims avoid or recover from any adversity, I asked myself one question before I began writing. How can people smart enough to make a million dollars be dumb enough to give it away to a con man? This is a mystery I intended to solve when I wrote Rising from Ashes: Discover Your Hidden Power through Adversity What I discovered is that getting conned or being abused in any way, has nothing to do with smart or dumb. It has everything to do with…vulnerability.

Nature Reveals the Mystery of Giving


My artist son, Jon, taught me a mysterious truth about giving as we were discussing color while driving down the road to Iosepa. Iosepa is a tiny ghost town east of Salt Lake City. The rolling hills there were perfect for our family four wheeling excursion.

I said to Jon, “ I’ve read that white is a combination of all colors. Then an artist told me if you mixed all the colors together you’d get black. Please explain?”

This Idea Can Change Your Life