12 Rules for Living.

My wise and wonderful friend Jerry Hayes sent me his rules for living he obtained from the Hudson Institute. After years as a successful businessman, he spends his retired years fixing up old cars and donating them to those who, without his generosity could not own a car.

The rules are wisdom for everyone who has the courage to follow them.
No one owes you anything—not the government, your employees, your family, or your spouse.
.RULE 1. Be responsible for your own destiny: entrepreneur your life.

Everything Around Us is Made Up OF Energy...including you

Read yesterday's blog that tests your courage to see things differently. If you had the courage to read it, you will begin to see why the statement below is so powerful. If everything is energy and like energies connect (which they do according to Quantum Physics) it becomes clear why giving off positive energy is so important.

Read this to test your courage to see things differently

Remember when people thought the world was flat? Remember when people thought the sun orbited around the earth and now we see it as primitive thinking? It was a mind bender for people of that day to recognize our world as round and that the earth orbited the sun.

Scientific Proof of the Power of our Thoughts

Here’s scientific evidence of the miraculous power of our thoughts.

Blogpost.7.16.12.Why he jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge

The television crews are on the scene. A man is about to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. A member of the TV crew asks him for an explanation saying, “The public has the right to know.”

“I lost 500 million in the stock market! I’m devastated. I’m wiped out.”

“Do you have anything left?”

“Well, between the chateau in Switzerland, the yacht and the Rolls Royce, I guess I’m still worth about ten and a half million.”

The Dash on the Tombstone

This post has been deleted.

When Knowing the Rules Doesn't Help

..For the past few days I have been thinking about the importance of having your own voice as a writer, and how important it is to be your own creative self no matter what you are creating. We are all creators; even if it shows up in how creatively we are organize our cupboards.

What it takes to be Free

There are two types of freedom, external and internal freedom. Many in America see that our external freedoms, gifted to us by our Constitution, are being taken away. Here are some thoughts on freedom by people whom you will recognize:

"Those who expect to read the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it". –Thomas Paine

"This nation will remain the land of the free, only so long as it is the home of the brave" – Elmer Davis

How to Determine if Our Beliefs are True

I keep reminding myself over and over that a belief is simply a thought we think over and over again until it becomes a belief… but that doesn’t make it the Truth (with a capitol T) It is only our perception of the truth . How can we know whether our beliefs are True (with a capitol T)?

We know if our beliefs are True…by the results they bring. If tour thoughts (beliefs) bring peace and prosperity, they are true; if they bring pain and suffering, they are not true, indicating that we are living illusions.

A Wise Mother’s Lesson

When Gracie’s oldest child came home from school discouraged with school and life because of an altercation with a classmate, her mother taught her a beautiful lesson about how to deal with unpleasant experiences.

The mother asked, “If I gave you a teaspoon of salt, or a tablespoon of soda, or a cup of flour to eat, or a cup of oil to drink, how would you like it?”

“Yuk!” the daughter gasped.

But if I mixed all these things together and baked a cake would you eat it?” the mother continued.

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