Simplifying the Complexities of Life

After years of working to heal myself from life’s trauma’s, I’ve discovered the answers are very simple once your struggle through the complexities. It is this simple—if you are not living in love, you are living in fear. Fear is simply the absence of love and dark is the absence of light. Our task in life is simply to face our fears, walk through them into the love that we are. Living in fear we are unhappy and create for ourselves many problems. Living in love we are healthy and happy.

Distinguishing between the Dark and the Light Forces

Traditional religion speaks of God and the Devil as the opposing forces of good and evil. While I believe there is opposition in all things in this dualistic world in which we live, I prefer to use the terms Dark and Light. The dark forces are influences that cause harm and chaos while the Light Forces create good for individuals and mankind.

Belief and Relationships

Blogpost.7.13.12 .Belief and Relationships?

Belief is simply a thought we think over and over until it becomes a belief. When we mature and see things more clearly, we realize that many of our beliefs are actually misinterpretations of an event or person. Or they may be someone else’s beliefs programmed into us when we were too young to decide if they were helpful or harmful, and we haven’t examined them since to see if we want to keep or reject them. These beliefs affect our relationships.

The Problem with Seeing in Parts

After the murder of my mother and sister, a difficult divorce and my whole world falling apart, I moved to Arizona to recover emotionally, mentally and financially.

An old friend, a dear sole, old enough to be my grandfather, offered me a place to live and recuperate. There I stayed hiding from life with no plans to step out into that cold and cruel world again any time in the near future.

Fear is a Paper Dragon

Mother said excitedly, “Santa Claus is coming to give us a special gift before Christmas, will you answer the door when the doorbell rings and invite him in.
“No,” I screamed and sprinted for the back bedroom to hide in the large closet hoping no one could find me in the closet corner nestled behind the long dresses. My mother sensed I'd hidden there and came to the closet door and begged me to come out and see Santa Claus. I was terrified, there was no way short of killing me she could have gotten me out of that closet.

Nature's Wisdom

When my entire life was falling apart after the murder of my mother and sister, I just shouted to the air, “Beam me up Scottie, I don't want to be on this planet any more. It is too painful. Finding myself still here, I took a walk. It was fall and the maple tree's had turned magnificent hues of oranges and golds and I watched as their beautiful leaves floated gracefully to the ground. It happened with such ease, equanimity and grace.

Be Your Own Guru

At Vermont College in Montpelier, Vt. I made a friend who asked me to be her Guru. While I was flattered that she considered me wise enough to be her Guru, I told her, “No!” I believed that everyone had their own inner guru and believe it even more strongly today.

At that time, I had no clue that I would ever be writing a book about how to connect with your own inner guru...which is essentially what Rising from Ashes is about.

When you do everything right and things still go wrong

The legend of the Phoenix Bird has been around for centuries with several variations of the legend and the bird.

The basic version: The Phoenix Bird is a supernatural creature that lives for 1,000 years, then builds its own funeral pyre and throws itself into the flames. As it dies, it is reborn anew and rises from the ashes to live another 1,000 years.

Symbolically the Phoenix is a metaphor for our lives.

How Our Programming Stifles Our Creative Power

Picasso's quote is simple, yet brilliant in pointing out how parents, (teachers, preachers, bosses , friends and the media as well) program us into being what they think we ought to be. I'll take it one step further and point out that they put the fear of God into us, or make us feel guilty, or less then, if we don't comply with what they think we ought to be. Fear makes it extremely difficult to become what we were meant to be...something that Picasso had the courage to overcome and to to discover for himself what he was meant to be.

NPR Radio Interviews

I had a great radio interview  with Lisa Davis on her “It’s Your Health” show. On KMBH.  She will post the interview. Check it out at

Lisa wanted my photo to put on her website…very cool.

You can hear her every Sunday at Noon (Est) on Public Radio 88FM, an NPR affiliate in TX. Which is syndicated in Boston, MA, home of all the brainy people from Harvard University.

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