Murder, Death and Rebirth

This story began twenty years ago in a remote cabin east of Park City, Utah, near a gracefully flowing river set amidst the pines and aspens at a cabin my family called Tiede's Tranquility, named after my sister and her family who owned it.

Picture: Murder, Death, and RebirthBut tranquility would turn to terror… three days before the Christmas of 1990. What happened on that day has dominated my life, my thinking, and actions for over two decades.

Here in this once tranquil setting, on a cold winter day, my mother and sister were… murdered. My brother-in-law was shot in the head, set on fire and left for dead. My two nieces, who witnessed it all, were kidnapped with the intent of taking them to New York to sell them to Satanists to use in their satanic rituals.

It took me 12 years to finish the book… six years of writing, six years of sitting alone on the shelf until I was emotionally healed enough to finish it. The book contains the horrific story as I experienced it, the pain, the healing, and ultimately the surprising life changing lessons I learned...from murder.

Watch the CBS show: 48 Hours Live to Tell, Three days before Christmas
-aired on December 10, 2011