“Claudia Nelson is the best gumshoe (detective) vigilante I have ever met. She is that rare investor who fought back with the same cunning and guile as the con men who victimized her. Others would have walked away–not Nelson. Her 8-year odyssey to bring a master con artist to justice is inspiring and ultimately satisfying. Along the way she corrals fellow fraud victims, the FBI, the Justice Department and the IRS to see the case through. Nelson weaves spirituality, psychology, human potential and even quantum mechanics into a narrative that ultimately reveals the art of the con, why we continue to let ourselves be deceived–and how to triumph over tragedy.”

Dirk Smillie - Forbes Magazine

“Claudia Nelson weaves a true tale of tragedy and triumph and inspires readers with the knowledge that they can overcome and hope is within reach. It's a must read!”

Richard Paul Evans - #1 New York Times best selling author

"What I have learned in (Claudia's) trainings is more valuable and important than any other knowledge I have obtained. I use this training every day in some way."

Jan Blosch - Student