Four Steps To Overcoming Adversity

Step 1. Choose. Will you remain a victim of your circumstance or will you become victorious over it. While working to rehabilitate the young people in the courts who had broken laws I was amazed to discover they didn’t realize they had a choice of how to do life…they only knew reaction patterns.

When Adversity Strikes, Make A Choice

Proactive Choices bring amazing results

If you are like me, when tragedy strikes, you give into your emotions and react. After my mother and sister were killed, my brother-in-law shot and my nieces kidnapped to be sold for Satanic worship, I did something different. I made a choice. Would I remain a victim or this tragedy or do something about it and become victorious over it?  Because I made the proactive choice I healed myself and then worked to help others heal. Today I am the author of two books.

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