How To Overcome Ego


As a personal empowerment specialist, I am continually working to reduce complex concepts to their lowest common denominator, to make them useable. Ego is one of those complex concepts which I believe I have finally reduced, to the best of my knowledge, to this sacred place of simplicity. Perhaps I will discover how to reduce it further, later, at least now . . . the concept is useable.

You fear ego because you don’t understand it. In understanding ego, you have the keys to undo it,

Monday Morning Tip. About Fear. WEEK SEVEN

In light of the disaster rumors around December 2012 we need to speak about fear. No matter what happens don’t consider it a disaster. What ever happens will simply be the old breaking down to make room for the new and the better . . . so don’t go into fear. While there are many reasons for this, one problems with fear thinking is: In fear we do not make good decisions, we make decisions that will negatively affect our future

Fear Brings . . .Peace Brings . . .

Blogpost.11.9.12.Fear Brings . . .Peace Brings . . .

Fear brings illusions.

Fear brings illusions.

Illusions bring doubts.

Doubts bring confusion

And confusion brings fear.

Thus the cycle or darkness regenerates itself.


Peace beings Stillness

Stillness brings Knowing.

Knowing brings Truth

Truth brings Freedom.

Freedom brings Joy.

Joy brings Love.

Love brings Peace.

And so it is as we grow in Light.

Perception vs. Truth

Perceptions are built on experience. Experience leads to belief. Those who have had different experiences from yours will, therefore, have different beliefs. Yet most feel their beliefs are true with a capital T and will fight to the death of a relationship to “be right” about the truth of their beliefs. But all they really have is their perception.
Perception comes from how they choose to interpret their experiences, or how they have been taught to interpret them.

Blogpost.8.26.12.What helps dissolve Fear?

“When You Accept* Something, It Ceases To Be Fearful.
--A Course In Miracles

We don’t always have control over our lives and the things that happen to us. Many of them we don’t like. The war veteran hates loosing his legs and could wallow in self pity and live in fear of not being okay for the rest of his life. The divorcee can remain the victim or her circumstances and remain bitter, angry and ever in fear of not having enough to meet her needs.

Are You Araid Of Your Own Power? Yes You Are!


“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”
- Nelson Mandala

Simplifying the Complexities of Life

After years of working to heal myself from life’s trauma’s, I’ve discovered the answers are very simple once your struggle through the complexities. It is this simple—if you are not living in love, you are living in fear. Fear is simply the absence of love and dark is the absence of light. Our task in life is simply to face our fears, walk through them into the love that we are. Living in fear we are unhappy and create for ourselves many problems. Living in love we are healthy and happy.

Distinguishing between the Dark and the Light Forces

Traditional religion speaks of God and the Devil as the opposing forces of good and evil. While I believe there is opposition in all things in this dualistic world in which we live, I prefer to use the terms Dark and Light. The dark forces are influences that cause harm and chaos while the Light Forces create good for individuals and mankind.

Fear is a Paper Dragon

Mother said excitedly, “Santa Claus is coming to give us a special gift before Christmas, will you answer the door when the doorbell rings and invite him in.
“No,” I screamed and sprinted for the back bedroom to hide in the large closet hoping no one could find me in the closet corner nestled behind the long dresses. My mother sensed I'd hidden there and came to the closet door and begged me to come out and see Santa Claus. I was terrified, there was no way short of killing me she could have gotten me out of that closet.

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