Ponzi Scheme

The Dangers of Always Looking for the Good?

Without thinking things through carefully we might think there are no dangers in looking for the good, that it is virtuous. I understand, I made that mistake. It taught me that looking for the good can work for you or against you. It can work against you when we get out of balance and become a Polyanna. I know I did it and it cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Price of Vulnerability

When I got caught in a Ponzi scheme, survived it, helped put the perpetrators in prison and wrote a book to help victims avoid or recover from any adversity, I asked myself one question before I began writing. How can people smart enough to make a million dollars be dumb enough to give it away to a con man? This is a mystery I intended to solve when I wrote Rising from Ashes: Discover Your Hidden Power through Adversity What I discovered is that getting conned or being abused in any way, has nothing to do with smart or dumb. It has everything to do with…vulnerability.

Claudia to Speak at Boise's Story Story Night

Claudia Nelson has been chosen as one of the keynote speakers for Boise's Story Story Night. 

Story Night will take place on Monday, August 29th at the Linen Building.

The event bigins at 7pm. Claudia will tell her story about her fight to bring down a $100,000,000 international Ponzi scheme.

For more information and to get priority tickets please visit Story Story Night. Guests are encouraged to arrive early as the events fills up quick.

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