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Claudia’s work has been in the media. Click the links below to see her interviews:

A great radio interview on The PoppOff Show

CBS 48 Hours Live to Tell: Three Days Before Christmas

Forbes Magazine: The Avengers

Claudia has been endorsed by her colleagues and students.  Read what they have to say:

There are several characteristics that separate Claudia from other business and personal consultants . . . she has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the problem – quickly. She is painfully honest in her appraisal of your situation, but always remains genuinely concerned.

-       Dr. Victor B. Cline, Psychologist

 . . .  your work has inspired many, especially me!  You are a heck of a sleuth.
Claudia Nelson is the best gumshoe vigilante I have ever met . . . that rare investor who fought back with the same cunning and guile as the con men who victimized her. Others would have walked away–not Nelson. Her 8-year odyssey to bring a master con artist to justice is inspiring and ultimately satisfying. Along the way she corrals fellow fraud victims, the FBI, the Justice Department and the IRS to see the case through. Nelson weaves religion, psychology, human potential and even quantum mechanics into a narrative that ultimately reveals the art of the con–and why we continue to let ourselves be deceived.

-    Dirk Smillie, Forbes Magazine

One of Claudia’s greatest skills is her ability to gain the trust of and effectively relate and communicate to people of different ethnic, economic, age and religious backgrounds. People seem to immediately sense her integrity. Whether she speaks to one person or 10,000, she is highly effective.

-       Wally Minto, Author and Father of Alphawareness

Claudia is extremely intelligent—not only in terms of native intelligence, but because she reflects thoughtfully on her experience.  She is very motivated and a very, very hard worker.

- Lavina Fielding Anderson, Author and Editor

I have met few students who have the intelligence and ability to absorb the information presented, expand upon it and use it to achieve such positive results as Claudia achieves. Yet there are some things that cannot be taught such as intuitive ability, the gift of vision and the ability to bring a vision into reality. These are probably Claudia’s strongest qualities.

- Dr. Jay Clegg – Professor of Communication

I believe what I have been learning in my trainings is more valuable and important than any other knowledge I have obtained. I use this training every day in some way.

- Jan Blosch, Student

After going through the course, my attitude towards life has turned around 180 degrees and my life and business is a thousand times better.  Thank You!

- Doyle Scott, Student

Thanks to you, every day of my life since the program has been easier, more fun and my future much brighter!!  Thanks again!!

- Margie Richins, Student

I would recommend this workshop to anyone, even if they don’t have real big problems . . . I am looking forward to going through this workshop again with my husband.

- Julie Turley, Student